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About Stuvoy


Stuvoy is a 'Training and Talent Development' company offering Technologically Driven Talent Development Solutions that bridge the Training and Talent development needs of the Leading Firms.

Stuvoy offers Targeted Training interventions that weave the ingredients of Technology, Business Strategies, and Learning Objectives to create something that is highly tailored and effective in a real-world scenario. Stuvoy Designs and Develops Targeted Training interventions by meticulously understanding the underlying business model, the services/ products being delivered and the nuances of integrating PEOPLE, PROCESS, and TECHNOLOGY.

SOMM (Stuvoy Organizational Maturity Model) a Maturity Assessment Framework and a Roadmap Model makes possible the measurement of the Maturity of PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY. Once Maturity assessment is done via the SOMM Framework, organizations can 'Target' with a 'Surgeon's Knife Precision' the Training Interventions needed to improve the Maturity Levels of PEOPLE, PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY to create the Maximum Business Impact hence the ROI (Return on Investment).

Stuvoy is not your typical 'Training and Talent Development' firm that believes in conducting a training intervention for the sake of doing something engaging: like the cheap thrills, meaningless & unrelated team activities, reading PowerPoint slides faster than the audience and cracking the odd boring, unrelated experience that has no head and tail! Most Training & Talent Development firms call it 'A Day well spent' when they see a positive participant's feedback. 'A perfect 5/5'! You see, this is where Stuvoy is different. Stuvoy goes a step further (beyond the '5/5' feedback) to ensure that the on-the-job application of talent development concepts, soft-skills learned, lead to behavioral change, one that can be implemented. That's a well-deserved payment contract for Stuvoy. What makes 'Team Stuvoy' happy is a partnership approach that Benchmarks and Measures the Business Impact. Now demonstrating the 'Training Intervention ROI' is possible with the Pin-point correct 'Identification,' 'Prioritization of the Training Interventions' and then the 'Delivery of the Training Interventions following Adult Learning Principles.'

Three cornerstones that Stuvoy impacts positively are 'Quality Delivery,' 'Cost' and 'Time' savings to Stuvoy client's business. That answers why Stuvoy's logo has the three fundamental cutting edges converging to define Stuvoy's existence for you. Stuvoy enables organizations to improve their 'Productivity,' 'Quality,' 'Reducing the Costs to Market,' and an 'Overall Higher Retention of Clients.'

Reading 'about Stuvoy' and 'experiencing Stuvoy' are two different worlds!

Experience the transformation of your employees.

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What does Stuvoy do

  1. We listen to what you have to say first! We learn about the need for a Training intervention from you.
    (We don’t sell what we already have)
  2. We design the best possible training intervention with your inclusion at the core.
    (We don’t copy paste presentations done at Organization ‘A’ to Organization ‘B’)
  3. We deliver the Training intervention that changes the way the workforce conducts business in real-time and in real business situations.
    (We are not teachers. We are true professionals who facilitate bright minds and relevant discussions leading to action plans with firm timelines)
  4. We benchmark and measure the positive business impact for you.
    (We don’t run away because you asked us to come for just the training workshop)
  5. We ensure signing the contract with us needs to reflect ROI for you.
    (We understand you have to show the impact of the intervention for the next intervention to be possible)
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What makes Stuvoy different

  • Client Centric: Stuvoy keeps client first and basically at every ladder. Making money is a by-product in our relations with our corporate clients.
  • Consultative: Stuvoy identifies, analyzes and then tailor-makes the training intervention needed.
  • Practical: Stuvoy implements the intervention that’s the need of the hour. No promises of building the castles in the air basically.
  • Relevant: Stuvoy sticks to the training need hence is realistic & customized in approach.
  • Professional: Stuvoy conducts the training following adult learning principles.
  • Comprehendible: Stuvoy is away from the jargon and flowery phrases. Keep it simple is the mantra
  • Engaging: Stuvoy makes sessions live and engaging. Unlike other firms, never have Stuvoy's participants looked at their watch to say “how long is this torture going to last”!
  • Fit For Purpose: Stuvoy matches the right trainer for the right need with the right rich professional background. No rocket science here!
  • Complete Looped: Stuvoy benchmarks and then measures the behavioral impact after the training intervention.
  • Concerned: Stuvoy cares about what can be done further to evolve a talented workforce for your organization.