Stuvoy addresses an unmet need for Corporates; 'Identification' and 'Prioritization' of Training Interventions that lead to favorable business impact and High Return on Investment.

Beginning with Technologically Driven Maturity Assessment Framework and a Roadmap Model like SOMM, organizations very quickly get to understand (with precision) the gaps in the Training Ecosystem. It's practically a 'breeze through' experience getting to understand the 'must address' Training gaps.

With Maturity levels steadily climbing for Targeted Areas of impact, organizations can impact business favorably and generate the ROI for every penny spent.

Stuvoy for Corporates:

  • Identification and Prioritization of Training interventions that result in high ROI
  • Delivery of Training Interventions through a vast and experienced and Certified STPN (Stuvoy Training Professionals Network)
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Customized Training

The Best-fit Training Program Crafted and Tailored To an Organizational Customized Need.

  • Every organization is different in some way with varying degrees of maturity for People, Processes,and Technology.
  • Do you have a special situation that you want us to design a training intervention for?

Benefits For
Impaneled Corporate

There are BIG benefits for corporates registering with stuvoy:

  • Choose from a network of certified and experienced professional trainers
  • Schedule training slots to earn special corporate discounts
  • Conduct follow-up programs with data & insights from trainers that is tailored for you
  • Offer you Industry best practices in your field of business for developing talent

Stuvoy Organizational Maturity Model

An Organizational Maturity Assessment
Framework For Targeted Training Interventions
That Yield Better ROI

  • SOMM is a Maturity Assessment Framework and a proprietary Online Platform that 'Measures' the Maturity of PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY: the three ingredients blended with, Business Strategies and Learning Objectives to create something that is 'Tailored' and useful in a real-world scenario.
  • With SOMM, Organizations can 'Identify' and 'Prioritize' the 'Targeted Training Interventions.' Thus, allowing organizations to impact business areas that have been a pain and have prevented the organizations from improving their 'Productivity,' 'Quality,' 'Reducing the Costs to market' and 'Higher Retention of the clients.’
  • Unlike other Organizational Maturity Models that are 'complex and difficult to implement,' SOMM's methodology and the ease of using the Online Platform is a 'breeze through experience' allowing organizations to quickly assess and deploy their resources efficiently thereby ensuring a higher ROI.
  • SOMM enables organizations to develop a 'Training Strategy' which focuses on critical and most important parameters that will yield Higher Return on Investment (ROI) for every penny spent.