Improved professionals for better productivity

Why the need?

What was valid yesterday is redundant today: Get better with time: Build skills for tomorrow.

Being unproductive keeps the heaps of paperwork/emails with to-dos piling up

Time (a limited resource) is money and if spent on unproductive things means loss of business.

The first impression is when one introduces self and his/her organization. A less impactful beginning leads to a lukewarm business response.

With limited time and rushed agendas, everyone needs to exercise brevity. If not, there are precious moments lost where a selling opportunity is lost.

Wearing different hats (multi-tasking) is a need, not a ‘good to have’. If not multi-task than risk being unproductive!

Being a natural leader means knowing your leadership style and leveraging it to produce results for your organization.

Great at technical skills and a wizard but weak at business etiquette and manners. Are your employees creating the right impact?

A socially comfortable and confident employee connects better outside and within an organization.

Knowing the local nuances of a Glocal (globally Local) business world is a given need. But are your employees prepared for such culturally sensitive moments?

What do we do to transform?

Participants learn where time is lost, and what are the improvement areas.

Learn about tools and processes that help time management.

Bring the Smart change in working and not the slogging mindset to your employee daily work.

Learn what can be dealt with and what one needs to let go.

Learn how to make introductions that make the first impression and last long.

Construct elevator pitches, learn how to break the ice (conversations), keep the interest going in conversations.

Learn how to multi-task by applying established principles.

Participants understand their leadership style and learn the best ways to leverage for best results.

Learn the mannerisms and etiquette that makes one business-wise and socially respected.

Participants develop confidence and exude business professionalism that is a need in the modern-day business world.

In a Glocal (globally Local) Business setup, participants learn about the cultural sensitivities and business traveling professionally.

What training interventions do we offer?

  1. Make most of the most limited resource: Time Management Approaches.
  2. Networking Skills for Self and for the Organization.
  3. Business Etiquette and Mannerism: Being the true professional.
  4. Leverage Personal Leadership Style.
  5. Be Professionally Glocal. (Understanding Global Cultures and Travel Professionalism).