Our marquee clients demand the best Trainers hence we network with only the best.

Call us picky, but that's what we have to be to serve the best clients!

Being a part of the STPN (Stuvoy Training Professionals Network) offers you the choicest rewards that Training and Talent Development Industry has to offer.

Rub shoulders with the best Trainers, command a premium payout on time, access a network of resources designed only for Trainers, get the opportunity to be in the limelight in leading blogs and media coverage, leverage our Tech platforms for adding an edge to your profile and much more!

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The Problem

We understand you have experienced ‘Training Intermediaries’ do the following

  • Sell you an opportunity to conduct a ‘Training Solution’ for a leading corporate that turns out to be a ‘mom and pop shop’.
  • Offer you little or no context behind ‘Why’ a training intervention is called forvention
  • Treat you as yet another ‘Training Resource’
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The Solution

Stuvoy does following

  • We IMPANEL the leading corporates hence the best clients to work with
  • We keep you at the core of developing a ‘customized’ Training Intervention
  • We work with you and provide you the much-needed context of why a Training intervention is needed
  • We will share the techniques and tools needed to benchmark the pre-& post Training Intervention Business Impact
  • We will pay you on time as agreed, irrespective of whether we receive the payment from our corporate client

Benefits for Trainers

There are BIG benefits for Trainers registering with stuvoy.